Always so much tougher…

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Always so much tougher...

3 comments to Always so much tougher…

  • Always so much tougher, to remember how the same four walls can feel one moment like a prison, the next like the key to my liberation. Every mood feels real–like this afternoon, I was so grimly working on this project, when I stopped myself and said:

    “What’s the point of that? Just enjoy it. There is something here to enjoy.”

    And then I started to enjoy it.

  • oceansky

    The sound of her typing sounds so sure, confident. Reminds me of scrambling up a mountain, scruffling with roots and rocks along the way. Make way for the typists! And now I’m typing tough too, laughing at what I’m typing about, and we’re all typing these tough sounds, writing our souls down on the page.

  • christine

    Life is always so much tougher when we try to be tough. Tough, ruff and tumble. Tough feels so masculine. Like a football player in full gear. Tough armor on the outside. What’s under that armor? Open it up like a tin can and see what’s under the metal. Scary stuff maybe. It feels easier to carry around all that heavy armor than to let it fall away. Exhausting really. I feel exhausted. From trying to be tough.