Changes afoot: First learnings from our online experiment

bridgeWith this online soulwriting experiment passing its fourth month, I thought I’d share some important things I’ve learned from it.

1- Soulwriting freewrites are best shared verbally, in a soulwriting group, not in writing. Why? Because they are meant to be fluid and generative, and as soon as we solidify them in typed words, they become a “piece.” That means if we know we are going to upload the writing, we will be less free in our work. For this reason, I’ve decided to phase out the private forum where we posted our freewrites, and instead I’ve opened a space under the prompts below where you can publicly post “gems” from each of your freewrites. This allows us to still share as a wider community without undermining the freedom aspect of our freewrites.

2-Given this discovery, I want to encourage people to freewrite together live. This doesn’t have to be a big deal: you can do it with one other person over the phone, and it can be very rich and supportive. If you want to start a larger group, I am putting the finishing touches on the Facilitator Kit, and it will be posted here very soon.  I am also looking at ways to offer weekly drop-in phone groups where you would be able to meet other writers. Please let me know if this idea interests you.

For those who have been doing this for a while and are wondering what to do with all their freewrites, I am putting together some materials to help you work with what you’ve generated, both as a source for further writing and as a deepening process for learning what you really think and feel at a soul level.  Watch this space for tips and ideas to play with–as well as for a possible experimental group via skype.

I hope the new easy access will encourage everyone to post their gems–I’d love to see what you are up to!