This never dies…

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  • This never dies, the love that burns into longing—-the pull to bring back a closeness that includes the texture of a certain hand, the rhythm of a voice belonging only to that one being.

  • latroche

    This never dies, this flame inside you. Your soul. The hope that haunts and gets embedded like spiderwebs.
    The spark that makes your heart beating. This never dies.
    Not even at the time of death. It comes out, only in order to revive stronger, brighter.
    The essence of things, their basic definition, their existence, without being material. This never dies.
    We are immortal. But we have forgotten. Oblivion doesn’t die. Our knowledge does. It disappears over a lifetime, over livestimes.
    We must resurrect it, we have to take it back. To give ourselves a quest, sweep away the dust in our consciousness, refurnish everything, to our taste, to all the tastes.

    A memory never dies. It’s inscribed somewhere, in the full emptiness of infinity.
    That you share it with someone not here anymore, someone who betrayed you, or someone you now despise, the memory stands still.
    It sings your past happiness, and forge your present strength, your present happiness.

    A feeling, an emotion, a text… this never dies. The letters, the signs are fixed forever.
    The power of writing doesn’t fly away. Does not tear, does not kill. It’s free of violence, therefore it’s not being killed.
    The pages might fly away, be torn, or burning… ideas are still there.

    The ideas that surround us and govern us.
    The idea that made us.
    The one that will make us.
    The ones that write ourselves into eternity.
    These ideas cannot die… for they were never born.

    (Excerpt first written in mothertongue, i.e french, and then translated)

  • Noticed that I was really intrigued by the list at the bottom, and what might happen, using some of them for prompts.

    The idea that made us…

    The one that will make us…

    We write ourselves into eternity…

    Thanks for posting!

  • christine

    This never dies. Love fire. Soul fire. Soul on fire. Snaking it’s way to the top, through all the chakras up to the crown. Shooting out the crown. Stand back. My snake soul is on fire. Make way. Make room. Move shit out of the way for the soul fire to climb.