30 poems in 30 days challenge

April is National Poetry Month, and writers all over are taking the 30 poems in 30 days challenge. Not too late for you to start: If you have a pile of freewrites already, why not mine them for gems? If not, just grab a prompt and start writing!

I’ll be posting my poems on Facebook and on the website, and you’re welcome to join me by posting yours as well. Here’s mine for today, from the prompt “Sometimes we touch”:

Sometimes we touch each others fingers
without noticing how strange
that there are fingers at all.

Sometimes we touch the holy
and call it mud
or dust, or grass clippings.

Sometimes we touch the sacred
in the darkened city streets
with a security guard watching.

Sometimes the sacred touches us
in the breeze from a hummingbird’s wings
just before the river leaves its banks.

I am in a house, floating in water
thinking of the pocketbooks
the grandmothers carried.

-jane brunette/poem 3 of 30