How about 15 poems in 15 days?

moonI took the 30 poems in 30 days challenge–why not join me for the last 15 days? Doing one a day really gets the writing habit in place. Your old freewrites are great sources, or take 30 minutes and 3 prompts that intrigue you, and see what your soul wants to say. If you send me a poem, I will post it next week. Here’s my poem from yesterday, pulled from a freewrite I did while on retreat in the Andes mountains in Ecuador:

Everywhere, trees can speak
but not everywhere can I listen.

In this glade
kept safe from crowbars and chain saws,
I lean my head into the bark of the cedar
feel it breathe with me.

When the trees have been sent away
they don’t easily return.
And the leopard who lay on the branch
goes with them.

I swing from the limb
of my grandfather’s apple tree.
Blossoms scatter;
the wind takes their petals.
Even in memory, the trees give.

(Poem #13/30 by Jane Brunette)