Check out “3 Attitudes that Produce Soulful Writing”

People sometimes ask me what I do with all of the freewrites I do from these prompts. As one part of my response to that question, I’ve just put together an article that gives you a context for how prompted freewrites fit into what I call the generative stage of the writing process. The article outlines my approach to writing — whether I’m writing a poem, a book, an essay, or an important email. It gives the stages of writing, what kind of feedback is appropriate at each stage, and tips for working with your mind to keep the writing flowing from a place deeper than discursive thoughts. You can download it in the sidebar on the Writing from the Soul site. While you’re visiting, why not have a look around? I recently updated the site, and you might find something to inspire you.

I’d love your feedback on the article, as well as any questions or difficulties you have in the writing process, as I’m planning on adding weekly writing tips to the site and I’d like them to be relevant to you. You can email me directly from the contact page on the website with your feedback. And of course, feel free to pass on the article to any writer friends you think might find it helpful.