WRITING TIP: Open to serendipity

writing tipWe spend a great deal of time in the grooves of our own thinking, and this creates grooves in our writing. Why not shake it up by inviting others to complete your thoughts? You can do this with one or twelve people, at a writing circle or a dinner table. Here’s how to do it: Each person write half a sentence on a sheet of paper and pass it to the left. The next person, complete the sentence, and pass it on. The next person, write half a sentence without looking at the previous sentence, and so on. When you receive your original half sentence back, read aloud the resulting “poem.” We did this at our last soul writing circle, and were surprised at the playful leaps and surreal result. Here’s the one I started–each line from a different person:

The force of drums and macaws
blows my hair into a bouffant.
Music as a hair blower:
An art form only understood by mass media.

Conspiracy sites: altars for me to make offerings of
fried bananas, which curiously elephants never touch because
they’re too big to see yellow
centers in the flowers that bloom by the roadside.

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