Writing as a Spiritual Practice: One-day retreat in Fairfax, California

August 17, 2013 from 9:30 am – 5 pm
at Sukhasiddhi Foundation, Fairfax, CA

Writing can be a powerful spiritual practice, helping us to integrate our active mind with the mind of meditation. In this day-long retreat, we will source our writing from the contemplative space of silence, alternating periods of sitting, timed writing and reading aloud. We will use all three periods as meditation: tapping into stillness and presence as we sit, freewriting out of that stillness from evocative prompts, then reading our work aloud and deeply listening to others read without expressing praise or criticism. Throughout all of these periods, we will stay close to our own experience of sitting, writing, reading and listening, noticing the expectations, fears, pleasures and judgments that arise and allowing them to be just as they are in an atmosphere of warmth and openness. Please bring a notebook and pen. Bag lunch recommended.
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