WRITING TIP: Leave your reality

freewritingDoes your life — and thereby, your writing — feel too small and tight? To write your way out of it, try leaving your little reality: In a remote village headed up the Mahakan river in Borneo, there lives a family embedded in an ancient culture, embedded in a forest. They don’t want packaged snack foods, or a new laptop. Instead of shopping, they sing. Instead of watching movies, they tend seedlings of endangered trees to replant their ancestral forest, which is being bulldozed for palm oil, but their connection to a reality larger than this day, year, or lifetime allows for a quiet joy and resilience in these hard times. There are more ways to live than our eyes made narrow by conditioning can see. Opening to other realities opens our writing — and our lives — to new forms that might suit us far better than the ones we’ve been groomed for.