Writing from the Soul Immersion Retreat

JOIN ME for this immersion into the powerful process of Writing from the Soul. This 4-day retreat in a mountain eco-resort will jump start or deepen your writing practice. Sometimes we will gather around a table in a rustic lodge — other times, alongside a river or in a candle-lit mountain cave — to do timed writings from evocative prompts and read our work aloud. In an atmosphere of warmth and non-judgement, free of critical evaluation, we will invite each other to be daring and self-revealing, loosening the grip of our critical minds so that expression can flow freely. Whether you’re a seasoned writer working on a book or just want to use writing as a personal process of self-discovery, this immersion into writing as deep play will open up a whole new landscape of possibilities for your writing and your life. $300 including meals and accommodations (3 nights). Interested? Contact me for details.