Writing Deep & Wide: A day-long retreat

May 30, 2015 from 10am to 5pm
at Sukhasiddhi Foundation, Fairfax, California

Come immerse yourself in writing as deep play and use the mind of meditation to access the natural stream of your expression. In an atmosphere of warmth and non-judgement, free of critical evaluation, we will create a welcoming space to be daring and self-revealing, loosening the grip of our critical minds so that expression can flow freely, which is one of the ultimate goals of meditation. As we alternate writing and reading aloud, we will cultivate mindful attention to our bodies and senses to help us locate a source of expression beyond the discursive mind. Timed free writes from evocative prompts will guide the process, helping us access a range of inner and outer, personal and transpersonal aspects of reality. Listening to our words beside the raw expression of others, the preciousness of each person’s unique mind, rhythms and voice will become apparent. Guidance for how to continue this process beyond the day-long will be provided. Please bring a notebook and pen. Bag lunch recommended. Sliding scale: $80-$60-$40. Click here to register.