WRITING TIP: Find the sweet spot between fact and feeling

“Attention without feeling is only a report,” said poet Mary Oliver. Sometimes when we free write, the first thing that pours through might be just such a report, or it might be a flood of feeling. It can be interesting to go back to your writings, without judgment, and see which side you leaned toward. Is what you’ve written so matter-of-fact that on re-reading, it leaves you unmoved? Are you feeling drawn to describe and spell out the feelings associated with this piece? Does it evoke feeling without needing to be explicit? Or is it all feeling without enough context and perspective to make sense of it? Only you know whether your attention has gone too far into the facts or too far into the feeling to be deeply satisfying to your heart. This doesn’t make the writing wrong or bad — rather, it opens a doorway and points us to a deepening avenue of exploration.