WRITING TIP: Get good at suspending judgment

“You cannot be judging yourself as you write the first draft,” says author Jane Smiley. “You want to harness that unexpected energy, and you don’t want to limit the possibilities of exploration. You don’t know what you’re writing until it’s done. So if a draft is 500 pages long, you have to suspend judgment for months. It takes effort to be good at suspending at judgment, to give the images and story priority over your ideas. But you keep going, casting about for the next sentence.” This is one of the main skills you develop by doing freewrites — suspending judgment over 10 or 30 minutes until the timer goes off. Such practice will serve you well when you are ready to work on something longer. And you just might find the ability to suspend judgment creeping over into other aspects of your life, opening up possibilities where before there was a brick wall.