WRITING TIP: Don’t underestimate the power of telling your story

Stories are not mere entertainment. They have power. Engage your intuition and deepest intent when writing your story, and you make medicine for yourself and for the healing of the world. Author Clarissa Pinkola Estés explains it well: “Stories instantaneously bypass the ego. The ego cannot absorb the entire pith of story. The ego hears the story as a form of entertainment. While the ego is kept happy, thinking it is being entertained, the soul and the spirit are listening deeply. The flow of images in stories is medicine — similar medicine to listening to the ocean or gazing at sunrises. No direct interaction has occurred — the ocean did not jump into your body and fill you. But there is something about seeing, hearing and smelling the ocean that has bypassed the ego, and straightened out many things that were in disarray within the psyche. Some people are remedied by thunderstorms, some by music, some by the voice of a person they love. Story has the same kind of influence. It flows where it is needed, and applies itself there — like an antibiotic that finds the source of the infection and concentrates there. The story helps to make that part of the psyche clear and strong again.”