WRITING TIP: Allow your writing time to marinate

Just as we allow food to marinate, writing often needs to marinate as well. “There is much to be said in favour of laying a work aside to mature,” says Rosamund EM Harding in An Anatomy of Inspiration. “For one thing it gives the judgment time to operate; the mind is able to return to the work from time to time with a fresh outlook and check it from many different angles. It follows also that if new ideas are to be set aside to develop and newly finished works left to ‘mature,’ there must be several things on hand at the same time in various stages of development. The continuity of attention is purposely shorted and interrupted partly on account of the rest this gives.” While we rest, the unconscious continues to work, weaving unexpected threads together in ways we’d never dream of with our conscious mind, so when we go back to our work, we know just what to do to bring it to the next level.