WRITING TIP: Make space for the numinous

“I am learning to see,” said poet Rainer Maria Rilke. “I don’t know why it is, but everything enters me more deeply and doesn’t stop where it once used to. I have an interior that I never knew of. Everything passes into it now. I don’t know what happens there.” Everything in our culture tells us to look outside, into the daylight and the screen light. Do that all the time, and you are missing out on the juicy realms of the soul. This world is a little dim and mysterious, and it takes a conscious effort to move our attention there, against the tide. Meditation — and meditative writing — is the key to relationship with these inner landscapes, out of which comes the work and insights we find most satisfying and real. A dim room, a candle and a notebook, the sound of rain on the window or soft music, will help you access it. Why not make that a priority?