I CONSIDER MY BOOKS ARTIFACTS from my spiritual practice. They weren’t originally written for an audience, but to help me understand and integrate some of what is baffling about being a human alive at this time. It helped me to write them, and my hope is that they might inspire you to deepen your own spiritual and creative explorations. I am interested to hear from you if something resonates — it’s always nourishing for kindred souls to connect.

P O E T R Y :

CARTOON KALI: Poems for Dangerous Times
Published 2017, 102 pages, with an introduction by the author

This book came out of a long period of retreat. The complexity of the collective issues we continue to face provided fuel for me to commit resolutely to questioning my conditioning and deeply reflecting on love and fear, the darkness hidden in my unconscious, the nature of self and of reality — and I found it helpful to record snippets of these reflections as poems. I hoped doing so would help me to understand what truly constitutes compassionate action, since so often the hand that seeks to help is more likely to hurt when it acts from ignorance.

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Grasshopper Guru by Jane BrunetteGRASSHOPPER GURU: Poems
Published 2013, 110 pages, with a preface by the author

These intimate poems were born from a time when I was deeply exploring my disconnection from roots, earth and my own body. They are artifacts from my attempts to dismantle what kept me from feeling myself to be a full, spiritual citizen of the earth and cosmos. Many of the poems came out of solitary retreats in natural places, and explored the wisdom of the natural world, ancestry, and the ways the past continues to exist in the present.

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S O U L   S T O R Y :

The Big and the Small: A soul story, by Jane BrunetteTHE BIG AND THE SMALL: A soul story
Published 2017, 48 pages
with an afterword by the author

My most recent experiment, I wrote this story in one sitting in an attempt to see a way forward at a time when one way of life was ending and another had yet to begin. The truth is, we are always in transition whether we recognize it or not, but there are moments when the reality of this is laid bare and it can be frightening. This is the first picture book I have done, using my own scribble drawings. While we usually associate illustrated “Once upon a time” stories with children, I think this is a big mistake. Such stories speak the language of the unconscious in archetypes and pictures, and hold a great power for adults, being closer to dreams than to literature. This story was a gift to me from my unconscious, and provided a map that sent me on a pilgrimage to the land of St Francis in Assisi, Italy, and then to the jungles of Peru. Not a bad result for a couple days of scribbling.

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