Writing Circles

freewrite circleAs I travel, I’ve been facilitating Writing from the Soul circles, where writers gather in an atmosphere of openness and non-judgment to freewrite together from soul-inviting prompts. We are all shy in an atmosphere of critique and so the point of these circles is to create a field of acceptance and deep play — to receive each other deeply through our writing. The point isn’t to create finished pieces but to be generative — to open the channels and get us writing for the fun of it. I personally find the resulting freewrites to be rich sources of material that I later mine for poems, essays and stories. The circles are also great fun and can be deeply healing. How often have we been received without fear of critique and evaluation? What a relief.

At the request of group participants, I’ve created a kit to help individuals start similar groups of their own.
Connecting with local writers by actually writing — rather than always critiquing each other — can be tremendously inspiring and help you to locate the right reader for your work. Click here to learn more about how to start a local group by downloading the free Writing from the Soul Facilitator’s Kit. And click here to learn more about the principles of freewriting that are used in these groups.

For those who are interested in diving in deeper, have a look at my current offerings for writing and meditation retreats, as well as individual mentoring.

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